Blessing Ngobeni (b. 1985, Tzaneen, South Africa) is a fine artist who challenges the status quo through his art. Using painting, sculpture, video, audio installations and live performance, he questions corrupted systems of power in South Africa.  His large scale, multilayered canvases combine imagery from magazines, books, and social media within his distinctive figurative characters, to reflect the various perspectives of current affairs of our era. The artworks impart mixed sensibilities to the viewer: good and bad, negative and positive, excitements and calms, promises and disappointments, successes and failures. Between these binaries lie the complexities that determine the way we live, look, speak and interact. Ngobeni observes South Africa’s democracy maturing, but he also sees the constant, and consistent, repetition of mistakes. He questions, “Why are we turning a blind eye to the ripple effects that our past errors have on the present and future? Why is it that we are not taking a note of such error in our society? What about the ethical role and responsibility of art in this predicament of our time?