Your Concise New York Art Guide for April 2022

Cassie Packard, Hyperallergic, March 29, 2022

Your list of must-see, fun, insightful, and very New York art events this month, including Morgan Bassichis, Kazuko Miyamoto, Frida Orupabo, and more.


This month, bodies are everywhere — even when they’re not. Exhibitions across New York City delicately dissect the omnipresence of the body in abstract and virtual space, address corporeality’s constructed or collaged nature, explore the political potential of bodies in dialogue, and revel in the sheer absurdity of moving through the world in one of these things. Take care out there and enjoy.



Cameron Welch: RUINS

When: through May 7

Where: Yossi Milo Gallery (245 Tenth Avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan)


In historically scaled mosaics made from marble, stone, glass, paint, found objects, and tile (some of which is cheekily printed to mimic marble), Brooklyn-based artist Cameron Welch brings a contemporary collage- or graffiti-style aesthetic to an ancient art form that has similarly prized flat, graphic imagery at many points in its history. These monumental mosaics are densely packed with a temporally and thematically diffuse iconography of cartoonish figures — ranging from a cross-eyed cowboy to an anti-police protester to a Modigliani-style nude — along with animals, handprints, ceramic pots, skulls, blood, and masstige clothing.