Reflections: Michael Eastman, Aïda Muluneh, Gordon Parks, Ming Smith, and Lissette Solórzano

Jenkins Johnson Gallery is pleased to present Reflections, a group exhibition featuring works by Michael Eastman, Aïda Muluneh, Gordon Parks, Ming Smith, and Lissette Solórzano. This collection of photography allows us the intentional space to acknowledge the ways in which the present reflects the lessons of the past. The show is contextualized by both Black History Month and Women’s’ History Month, zeroing in on the cultural and sociological areas we have marked by movements demanding progress. The narrative we follow through this exhibition exists in duality. Eastman’s image of a shotgun house in New Orleans that no longer stands due to Hurricane Katrina rings with familiarity as we look to the environmental racism experienced by so many in Texas this recent storm. Solórzano’s images from Cuba’s transitional “Special Period” remind us of the ways fascism still impacts us today. Smith’s photograph of Grace Jones in this context questions whether or not enough has changed for women of color in the arts. This exhibition begs the question of how much has truly changed. To experience this show is to take on a humbling practice of reflection, one we are eager to share with our community.


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All images of Gordon Parks: ©The Gordon Parks Foundation. Used with permission.