Dewey Crumpler (b. 1949, San Francisco, CA) examines the lure of contemporary pop culture in his mixed media works, which explore global consumer capitalism. Crumpler employs the shipping container as a visual symbol to examine the long history of the world’s oceans to facilitate change. The display of colorful rectangular boxes filled with goods stacked in perfect symmetry are destined for exotic ports dotting the coastlines of every major city throughout the world. The uniformity of the shipping ports and their systems of operations become structures of authority and monuments of economic and cultural power. The oceans and the ships that cross them have played a central role in the transporting of human bodies and the dissemination of ideas and influences for the millennia. Like the ships, art has traveled from shore to shore often inside those vessels and assisted in producing change without the obvious effects of cultural disruption. Crumpler also focuses on time through the portrayal of shadows as time markers and the use of reflective materials combined with heavily saturated colors, representing the duality between the fleeting nature of the present spirit and the weight of memory.