Top 5 Gems at EXPO Chicago 2019

Caira Moreira-Brown, Fad Magazine, October 8, 2019

Jenkins Johnson Gallery


Jenkins Johnson’s booth focused on creating a dialogue of colonialism, and bringing focus to the marginalized community, while also exploring the manufacturing of identity. They exhibited works by artists like Ming Smith, Lavar Munroe, Turiya Magadlela, Caroline Kent, Ben Aronson, Scott Fraser, and new artist Enrico Riley, Alex Jackson, Dewey Crumpler, and Chiffon Thomas. The variety of artists touched based on different racial experiences. Munroe’s work explored income disparity and racism with new pieces from the ‘Redbone’ series. Riley continues to expand on the painting of the black body and dives into themes of past and current violence, and the middle passage. Smith reveals her documentation of the black urban lifestyle through photography that integrated experimental post-photographed techniques. Kent’s work explored how language and abstractness intersect in painting. Thomas’s work explored narrative through person cultural references and personal memories. Overall Johnson Jenkin’s booth gave an overwhelming and beautiful understanding of the various black experiences through various mediums.