Timotheus Tomicek in Exhibition at Eyes On in Vienna

In a very personal portrait series Arrivals and Departures Jacob Aue Sobol tells of his journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway across the Asian continent. Kajsa Gullberg observed in her hometown Copenhagen that in February, the highest suicide rates are always recorded, and arranged in response sumptuous still life with roses, peonies and lilies in the series winter depression.


A counterweight to form Ewa priest paradise, large format black and white photographs of tropical plants in Rio de Janeiro. Jessica Backhaus staged in Still Life subtly the presence or absence of people in everyday life. Weed and buying plants in large cities are processed meticulously by Helmut Völter and supplemented with the living plant sculptures by Manuel Carreon Lopez. Timotheus Tomicek combined in his work skillfully fragments from photography, illustration, painting, sculpture and text. And Annette Nickel rises along with an exciting picture diary on contemporary fashion, contemporary witnesses shaft to the terrorist attacks of 13th November 2015 in Paris. 

Curated by Kristin Dittrich in cooperation with Robert Bodnar