Timotheus Tomicek Featred in Art Das Kunstmagazin

What is inside?

To be exact: pictures, illustrations, sculptures, text fragments, sometimes quotes or just a sentence or a word. 112 pages, there were 84 pictures. But what exactly is to see? The pattern of a carpet, a pretzel, a black cat, a swing, a white, somewhat perplexed-eyed donkey, a candle, which is reminiscent of Gerhard Richter, a water strider, a swing with the inscription "Realité" Sunset kitsch, a red curtain, a flying carpet, fruit flies on a piece of pear ...


What is the thesis?

The thesis is in the title, which is to at least suspect. "Hit or miss", either you meet or not. And either a text and image combination or video and image combination sitting or without effect. In the press release (more one has not as text to the book at hand) is to be read, the thin line between banality and depth Reflect not only the title, but had set the tone for the entire work. "Is it possible from small to close on Large? The Small really Reflected in the Great?" And if you take the cross-media approach of Timotheus Tomicek with the view to be said: They still exist, the artist projects in the spirit of Romanticism, which aim at a universal poetry.


The best side?

Naturally, you do not want to answer this question. If you want to at a durchkomponiertem photo book in which the pages corresponding to each other and without each other are hardly conceivable set already on a favorite? Taking the question literally, is almost only one answer: the sunset kitsch, raised to a full page. Yes, where only? Indeed, there are no page numbers. A rough estimate: In the first third and to the absorption of the view from an airplane window on these same sunset. Hach because languishing inner romantics.


The authors.

Timotheus Tomicek is an artist, filmmaker and photographer. In Vienna, Paris and Budapest, the Austrian film studied. Since 2009 his work has been exhibited, among others, in the C / O Berlin, the Zephyr in Mannheim, the Kunsthalle Wien and the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg. For published by Kehrer Verlag photo book he has launched a crowdfunding to get EUR 10 000 for together. There were even a little more. The book, however, was before completion of the campaign finished, and available to buy in the shops. Tomicek but has upon successful completion well have one less worry.


The quote.

Great is the choice not because it is omitted almost entirely on text. Reassuring are the words "Change Morning clouds and sun", which are in pink letters on pink reason - visually the site is designed as a sheet of poetry album. And calm the whole thing, because as always has the certainty that nothing is certain. Because per se could this "Morning" always be when you read it that way. But it is not, so not clouds and sun will tomorrow alternate.


Who needs that?

Photobook Dear partners and collectors want this band certainly in her bookcase not miss. Who stands in a quiet moment happy times before his collection, one of the books takes on hand to enjoy it or even losing it, is regularly resort to "hit or miss".


Like that.

The lightness and playfulness and light-heartedness gladden the mind. This starts with the cover. A "nices cloud", to quote the words of DJ Koze, hovering in front of a delicate blue sky as a fluffy cotton ball through the air. Four strokes around the cloud make it the target. These gadgets and references to popular culture and history of art are continued on the following more than 100 pages. A blurred view of Mona Lisa is a small infinity sign juxtaposed, the words "Seems like gold to me" correspond to a golden page, and then may not be missing a contemporary version of the origin of the world of Courbet - small and somewhat shamefacedly is in the fold two sides a photograph pressed.


What etches the critic?

A Erklärbär in the form of a detailed interpretive dances accompanying text Not available. That could people who are not versed in the history of photography theory and wish to classify, drive the sweat. Timotheus Tomicek want a rhyme to make himself the image and text combinations, scrolls, looking, thinking and looking back, thinking and scrolls.


Coffee-table-factor (1 to 5 "Caution Paperback!" "Sumo: As big as Helmut Newton thickest volumes")

Looks pretty, little text, narrow, a coffee-table book, it is envisioned. Well, maybe a decent copy should be a bit larger, but that does not in this case. One can pleasantly transport the photo book in a backpack into the café and there even scroll through it comfortably on a small table in a flat white and a slice of New York cheesecake. Therefore: 5 of 5 points.