Jenkins Johnson Gallery at 1:54 Art Fair Featured on Artsy

Installation view of Jenkins Johnson Gallery’s booth at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London, 2016. 

The African diaspora is also represented in the offerings of the San Francisco- and New York-based Jenkins Johnson Gallery, which is showcasing several iconic works by Gordon Parks—American Gothic Washington, D.C. (1942), Muhammad Ali Boxing, Miami, Florida (1966), and Eldridge Cleaver and His Wife, Kathleen, Algiers, Algeria (1970)—that offer a glimpse into the lives of African Americans during the post-war and Civil Rights eras. The gallery has also mounted, near a window overlooking the Thames, Oakland-born artist Sadie Barnette’s Untitled (FBI, Racial Matters) (2016), featuring a page from the FBI file on her father, a former Black Panther.