Hendrik Kerstens in Exhibtion at the Musée Chateau de Penthes in Geneve

No other artist more than Rembrandt evokes the richness of the Dutch Golden Age. As well as the master of Leyden is known for his paintings, he has made about three hundreds etchings. Selected from one and the same private art collection, one hundred of them are exhibited at Penthes. Portraits and self-portraits, Biblical and historical scenes or simple street scenes reveal the Master’s talent for capturing movement, light and shadow, and imbuing his subjects with expressions of lifelike immediacy. An app on tablet, especially designed for the exhibition, will give the visitors every details they’ll need to explore the works of Rembrandt.


In introduction of the exhibition and as enlighment of the meeting between the Netherlands and Switzerland, a presentation of the historical moments and unknown ties will show how closed and connected the two countries are.