Fall preview: Bay Area Art Galleries

Sadie Barnette, Untitled (Babies), 2016, collage and spray paint, 24 x 18", detail

There has been a reshuffling of the deck as far as Bay Area galleries are concerned, especially in the city, where quite a few have moved from downtown and created art hubs in less centralized, more affordable locations, not to mention a proliferation of new galleries in Oakland as well as San Francisco. Too much to do justice to in this brief space, but, in microcosm, here's what's happening this fall.


Jenkins Johnson Gallery Sadie Barnette: FROM HERE The mixed media works and photographs in Barnette's latest show emerged from Compland, an imaginary amalgam of her hometown of Oakland and the Compton, California of her youth. Interested in family histories, the construction of identity, cultural coding and the social activism of her father, Rodney Barnette, a Vietnam vet who fought against discrimination in the military, founded the Compton chapter of the Black Panthers and opened the first black-owned gay bar in San Francisco, she has a rich inheritance to draw on. "I am the Oakland 80s baby of the radical and armed movement of love, the interracial, outer-spatial, and of disco idealism," she writes. Pieces spawned by a 500-page FBI surveillance file on her father, who was part of Angela Davis' coterie, are also in the show.(Sept. 15-Oct. 29)