BLACK PORTRAITURE[S] III: Reinventions: Strains of Histories and Cultures

BLACK PORTRAITURE[S] III: Reinventions: Strains of Histories and Cultures is the seventh conference in a series of conversations about imaging the black body. It offers a forum that gives artists, activists, and scholars from around the world an opportunity to share ideas from historical topics to current research on the 40th anniversary of Soweto. Presenters will engage a range of topics such as Biennales, the Africa Perspective in the Armory Show, the global art market, politics, tourism, sites of memory, Afrofuturism, fashion, dance, music, film, art, and photography.


The conference will be held November 17-19, 2016 in Johannesburg and held in collaboration with the U. S. Department of State, U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, Patrick H. Gaspard, Goodman Gallery, Hutchins Center for African & African American Research/Harvard University, New York University’s LaPietra Dialogues, Tisch School of the Arts and the Institute of African American Affairs.



TURBINE HALL Coffee and Registration ALL DAY (9.00am – 4.30pm)


Sadie Barnette

K2. From Black Abstraction to Visual Order
Moderator: Kalia Brooks (New York University)
Panelists:Essence Harden (UC Berkeley), Sadie Barnette (Los Angeles, CA), and Adee Roberson (Oakland, CA) Black Abstraction and Luminal Archives: Visions of an Atmospheric Experience; Christine Dixie (Rhodes University) and James Sey (The University of Johannesburg) The Black Infanta Interrupts the Order of Things; Nonzuzo Gxekwa Black Harvest Moon


Kenyatta A. C. Hinkle

K4. Performing the Continent: Re-Imagining African Identities Through Multidisciplinary Art Practices
Moderator: Nikki A. Greene (Wellesley College)
Panelist: Rashayla Marie Brown (School of the Art Institute of Chicago); Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle (California Institute of the Arts) The Uninvited Series; Helina Metaferia (San Francisco Art Institute); Tiffany Smith (School of Visual Arts, NY)


Rin Johnson

Parallel Session M: Saturday, November 19 2016 from 1:15pm – 2:45pm
Moderator: Mark Wright
Panelists: Shani Jamila (Urban Justice Center) Performing the Black Body in a Culture of Confinement; Natasha R. Johnson (Globalizing Gender) Lost in the Movements: The Voice of the silenced African Woman/Girl; Millery Polyné  (NYU Gallatin) The (Neo)Colonial Gaze and the Sporting Body in mid-century West and Southern Africa; Rin Johnson (Artist, New York, Bard) Modern Sports Gaming: Ownership and Control in the 21st Century; Maren Stange (The Cooper Union) Seeing African Space: Richard Wright and his Critics