Victor Ehikhamenor’s (Nigeria) works are influenced by traditional African motifs and religious cosmology with an intent that these images signify an enchanted world inspired by everyday life both urban and rural, folktales and stories, histories real and imagined. Ehikhamenor has been prolific in producing abstract, symbolic and politically motivated works. His symbols and motifs are reminiscent of his childhood village shrines art as well as the Catholicism that was inherent in his village. His drawings create a narrative that he explains as “the art of chronicling my enchanted world is a way for me as a visual storyteller to drag the past to come witness the present and shape the future for those interested.” 

In 2016, Ehikhamenor was featured in the Dak’art Biennale, curated by Simon Njami, in Dakar, Senegal and A Place In Time at Nirox Foundation Nature Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ehikhamenor was selected for the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015 as well as the Biennale Jogja XIII in Indonesia. He has had many international solo exhibitions including Entrances & Exits: In search of not forgetting at Centre for Contemporary Art in Lagos, Nigeria; Chronicles of the Enchanted World at the Gallery of African Art in London, UK; Beyond the River at the Grenada Embassy in Washington, DC, among others. He has received many accolades including the 2016 Nirox Foundation Residency in Johannesburg, South Africa; the 2016 Greatmore Residency in Cape Town, South Africa; the 2015 Casa Zia Lina in Elba, Italy; and the 2014 Norman Mailer Fellowship for Writing. Ehikhamenor is in the collections of the American Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, Access Bank in Lagos, Nigeria, Keystone Bank in Lagos Nigeria, and the Aluko and Oyebode Law Firm in Lagos, Nigeria.