Skip Steinworth has been a dedicated draughtsman of still lifes done in graphite for over 25 years. His commitment to the medium stems from his appreciation of its direct nature as the lack of color focuses on the strict graphic nature of the subject, featuring texture, form, tone, and composition. Steinworth deliberately selects images that are commonplace, almost generic, giving the images a timeless, enduring nature. His dedication to straightforward still lifes that are misleadingly simple emphasizes his claim that he’s not “copying what [he] sees”, but that he’s “drawing a mood.” The images radiate a sense of stillness and thoughtful peace; they are, as Steinworth describes, “suggestive of the quietude and contemplative environment in which they were created.” 

Steinworth has shown widely throughout the United States, with inclusion in 2007’s illustrious The Object Project, which traveled to the Evansville Museum, IN and the Philbrook Museum of Art, OK. His works are in the collections of: the Minneapolis Art Institute, MN; The Howard Tullman Collection, Chicago, IL; and the Plains Museum, Moorhead, MN, among others. His work has been featured in American Art Collector and American Artist. He lives and works in Stillwater, Minnesota.