Devin N. Morris is a Baltimore-born, Brooklyn-based artist who has been named by Time Magazine as one of “12 African American Photographers You Should Follow.” He is interested in abstracting American life and subverting traditional value systems through the exploration of racial and sexual identity in mixed media paintings, photographs, writings and video. Morris combines elements of two-dimensional collage with three-dimensional objects, abstracting domestic environments and shared spaces. Using various materials found within these spaces, the arrangements question how collective use of an object or body informs its future, as well as how intimacy and ownership transform the utility of domestic spaces and extend their mythology. Each familiar object within these environments houses its own presence and is handled as a fully considered work, resulting collectively in a symphonic reconsidered place.

Morris recently exhibited in We the People at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, and recently took part in a panel discussion at MoMA PS1 titled Radical Edits: Reassessing Cultural Narratives. Morris is also the editor of 3 Dot Zine, which is an annual publication that celebrates the futurity of minorities, in addition to serving as a forum for invited artists to center and elaborate on marginalized concerns. He has exhibited in America and Brazil, with short stories and visual works also appearing in NYU’s ISO Magazine, Nii Journal (London), Picture Newspaper and Packet Bi-Weekly Zine amongst others. He recently hosted the first Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair for Black & PoC Artists at MoCADA Museum in Brooklyn, NY in January, and, in collaboration with KAHLON, The Agency, he host the second iteration in Baltimore, MD in April of 2018.